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Just Michigan Appeals


Unlike larger law firms, we have only one focus – appeals in Michigan courts. 

Do you need to appeal an unfavorable judgment? Are you facing an appeal after winning in the trial court?  The trial court’s ruling is not always the final word.  Let our office help you set the record straight and regain the peace of mind you deserve.

For almost twenty-five years, our office has focused exclusively upon providing aggressive, effective advocacy on appeal in Michigan courts.  We have successfully represented corporations, municipalities, and individuals statewide and have helped our clients succeed in appeals involving family law, zoning and real property law, water rights, small business litigation, and many other areas.

Unlike larger law firms, we have only one focus – appeals in Michigan courts. It’s all we do.  Our attorneys are seasoned, creative, dedicated professionals who can provide the fresh perspective and practical experience required to protect your interests on appeal.

If you are currently involved in litigation in the trial court, our appellate attorneys can assist you in evaluating whether the trial court’s orders can be appealed and, more importantly, whether an appeal can be beneficial for you.  We invite you to contact us to discuss how our office can work to protect your rights on appeal.




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Ms. Longo is seen as the pre-eminent appellate lawyer in our community, and with good reason. She combines keen analysis, excellent writing skills, and common-sense advocacy to make her effective. She is my “go-to” appellate resource in my own practice, and I am happy to endorse her.
— Attorney Nicholas Roumel, Ann Arbor

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