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Ms Longo handled my case on appeal from circuit court with the wholehearted commitment that I had been raised to believe was normal. Ms Longo demonstrated that and, imnsho, more. That she won enough on appeal to further my case is almost irrelevant compared to my opinion of her work. The legal profession is equally honored to include Ms Longo as a member. And I’ll swear to it.
— TS

Ms. Longo is seen as the pre-eminent appellate lawyer in our community, and with good reason. She combines keen analysis, excellent writing skills, and common-sense advocacy to make her effective. She is my “go-to” appellate resource in my own practice, and I am happy to endorse her.
— Nicholas Roumel, Attorney


Lori was asked by my attorney to come in and review our existing summary regarding my case. Upon reviewing the case, Lori wrote a appeal type summary that allowed my case to move forward, as the defendants attorney was looking to get the case thrown out. Lori’s legal expertise convinced the court to give my case a hearing. Lori went above and beyond just legal representation by her personal emails and calls to me, even after her services were complete, she even attended the hearing with my attorney on her own time. Lori really made a difference in my case, her professionalism, legal acumen, combined with a genuine interest in my outcome was very impressive. I would highly recommend Lori.
— Kathy

Laurie is the go-to appellate lawyer in Washtenaw County. She has encyclopedic knowledge of appellate standards and practice. I know she maintains a sophisticated appellate case law “snippet” database because every time I call her with a question she has a snippet to quote me. Why would you want anyone else to handle your appeal?
— Attorney Guy Conti, Ann Arbor

Whoever reads this review, I fully 100% recommend Laurie and her work... DO NOT look any further!!!

I had a judgment against my wife and I related to real estate and a major bank who had hired a strong lawyer against me. I was out of the USA and needed someone who can step in quickly and help.

I contacted several law firms and presented my case. Everyone right away gave me a worst case scenario and were looking to just collect money. Then I contacted Laurie who from the beginning surprised me. She analyzed my case, did a research that covered international law and standards, and most surprising and pleasant of all was that she offered to do the first appeal with the opposing lawyer for free.

She responded to me day and night (I think she never sleeps:).... Always very professional and thorough in her answers and questions. Most of all she knows appeals better than anyone in The region/state....

Needless to say she was able to put the judgement aside!
— A.N.